Scalar Online 2020

Scalar Online - a digital networking experience

I’m happy to share that apart from the onsite edition of Scalar (8-10 October, Warsaw), we’re also organizing an online edition of the event.

We are aiming to create an online experience that will let all of us meet, learn and celebrate our community. Join us on the 15th of May 2020!

Scalar Online is a digital, all-day all-timezones Scala conference with 45min’ presentations, Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities. We stick to the one-track-for-all formula you all know and love. Plus we use a dedicated tool that facilitates networking in smaller groups.

We’ve got a couple of experiments & surprises - the scheduled talks are just one part of the conference!

We’re excited to go digital with you!

Our #CallForPapers is open! Apply to share your skills and knowledge with the community.

Save your spot! Get a ticket.